Builders Express is a full-service construction company, dedicated to serving your residential, commercial or industrial needs.

New Construction
We build single family homes, apartments, hotels, and office buildings. We also have the qualifications and experience to build projects with unusual requirements, such as environmental clean rooms, cold rooms, assisted living units or sound studios.

Remodeling and Additions
Whether you're interested in adding a family room, bedroom, playroom, or garage, or if you want to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, or add a retaining wall to your backyard, we can do the project for you.

Repairs, Plumbing & Carpentry
Need minor repairs? Electrical work, a new front deck, stucco or tile work? We provide handyman services at reasonable prices, maintaining the quality of service that we provide for all our customers. We offer contract pricing for real-estate owners and property managers. We can provide the day-in, day-out services needed on an ongoing basis.