Log homes have been around for hundreds of years. During the last ten years they have increased in popularity and demand. Logs are a natural choice for every season and all conditions. They represent a partnership with nature and combine beauty and functionality perfectly. There are hundreds of manufacturers of log homes, offering the customer a wide variety of styles, shapes, floor plans and log sizes. We have spent many years researching log homes. We recommend the following two companies. Each has their own unique approach to log home design.

Prairie Kraft Specialties
Prairie Kraft specializes in small log homes, from 12' x 12' to 16' x 34'. They offer the customer who desires a log home the ability to build one affordably, even though they may not have the budget to build a large log home. Prairie Kraft also offers furniture and accessories, playground equipment and much more.
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Honka USA
Honka is the world's leading manufacturer of log homes, and the largest producer of log buildings. Honka has been engineering and manufacturing log homes since 1958. Their quality is unmatched. Honka has more that 60,000 log buildings in more than 30 countries.
Honka can manufacture any size of log home or log building. They produce primary residences, vacation homes, commercial buildings and accessory products.
Nothing compares to the beauty and superior design and construction of a Honka home. It's time to take a step above and beyond other log homes, and Honka is your choice.
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