Emergency Shutdown Instructions
To avoid damage when leakage occurs:

1. Turn Off Gas or Electricity - Gas - turn top of dial from ON to OFF position. Electric: turn off power at the circuit breaker panel.
2. Turn Off Water Supply - turn handle clockwise until it stops.
Drain the Water Heater if necessary, to avoid damage - attach a garden hose to the drain faucet of the hot water heater and drain water.
3. Call a plumber or water heater specialist.
4. Monthly Safety Inspection
5. Once a month, check the top valve for corrosion, and inspect all lines and pipes for signs of leakage or loose fittings.
6. Check the high pressure relief valve for proper operation.
7. Attach the hot water heater to the wall with braces to ensure that it is earthquake safe.
8. The gas connector line should be flexible.